Sony World Photography Awards…


I was amazed to receive an email from the World Photography Organisation to announce that I had been commended in the top 50 images out of 140 000 entries for my image “Tree of Knowledge”

Especially as it is the first competition I have ever entered…

tree of books small

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New image… Fern Evans Photography

Fine Art Photography

The Search

books small

Misty Forest – Fern Evans Photography

The mist was so thick on Saturday morning that you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face, so naturally I jumped in the car with my Hubby and son in the freezing cold and rushed off to the HelderbergĀ Nature reserve to snap some shots before the mist all disappeared. By the time we got there I had to be very quick as the mist was lifting and I would never have been able to capture the image I had in my head.

Here are some images taken on the way to and from the forest location.

But First take a look at my final image…

misty forest small


location 2 small

location 3 small

location small

Here is my Final image… I think it turned out well… exactly how it was in my head.

misty forest small

Fine Art Photography by Fern Evans

Fine Art 4 small


Fine Art 5 small

Some more Fine Art Photography Images from this week.

Helderberg Nature Reserve – [Fern Evans Photography]

flowers 1 flowers 2 pond 1 pond 2