In the Attic…

I met such a lovely lady yesterday! Sara and I roared off to Gordon’s Bay for a morning shoot, not really knowing too much about what we were to expect. We were greeted with a much needed coffee and a huge smile. I was so happy to discover that Ivy, our petite yet full of life “model” for the morning was a musician. There were guitars dotted around the room, microphones and of course a piano. YAY!!!
She played the piano for us and oooooh, I could’ve listened all day. Go over and take a look at the bands Facebook page “In the Attic” or check out
Here are just a few of my favourite pics from the morning…
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Behind the scenes…

We’re a crazy bunch! I want to introduce you to my collegues/buddies.
Sara is responsible for all the lovely Make-up you see on most of the Models you see in the images, she’s bubbly and full of life!
Cliffy, he’s our lighting technician and a great photographer to boot.
Our Model of the day was Jesse who is always up for anything.
and then there’s me… the tall one who sticks out like a sore thumb and waves her arms around… lol
And after all is said and done and we’ve done our happy dance…. champagne 🙂 🙂

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Photography makes me happy…

To be totally honest, I was not in the mood to shoot this morning. I had a terrible night, I think this heatwave is getting to me.
Never the less, I arrived at the studio and was greated with a hot cup of coffee and friendly smiles. Sara was busy with Make-up and our Model Jesse was excited to get started.
As we waited for Cliffy to arrive with his lights I sipped on my cuppa and felt much better and ready to go.
Once we started shooting I could see Sara in the background sneaking around with my back up camera snapping away and jumping up and down with excitement. It was going to be a good day!
Our Model Jesse was such a star, she was a pleasure to work with and we got some super results.
Here are just a few…. more to follow soon.
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I’m so lucky…

I love my job! I get to work with fantastic people all the time…
Here are just a couple images from yesterday’s shoot at Bikini Beach in Gordon’s Bay and in true Gordons Bay style the wind was pumping and it took all our efforts to stop our equipment and of course the Model from blowing into the freezing cold water. Luckily the sun came out and we were able to get some shots in the pool as well.
Thank You to Sara from Tickle Pink for the great Make-up and Styling and to our lovely Model Ane for being so brave in getting into the icy cold water. Check out the website for more great images taken by The Colab

I wouldn’t ordinarily post more images of one particular shoot, but I really like these ones… so here goes, ENJOY!